Sunday, April 2, 2017

robert & jill | "the dark and the light" wedding trailer

from the beginning, robert & jill always encouraged us to be as creative and edgy as we wanted. although we thought we had a great concept and vision going into their wedding day, it was the improvisation, true emotion, candidness and happy accidents that made this concept even greater.

we wanted to incorporate a recurring theme of shadows and harsh light but when you witnessed this couples beautiful, emotional day and understood what was going into it, it became much more. on the surface it’s the cool silhouettes, contrasty shots, and unconventional, sort of grim love song but when you dig a little deeper, you find the correlation of the theme with interracial marriage, robert’s story of believing he would never marry, jill being the exception, their relationship to God and biblical references, the gospel feel of the theme and music, the progression of the shots from dark to light, and how the music ties everything together. we hope you enjoy experiencing this intricate video as much as we did creating it.

venues & vendors
asst. cinematographer | adrian villanueva
asst. cameraman | reejay lorenzo
dj & emcee | dave rukus

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