Wednesday, November 4, 2015

FEATURED: ritz & ash | reflections wedding trailer

our first wedding since our baby hiatus and we couldn't have asked for a better one. a gorgeous couple and wedding. while editing it, we couldn't help but notice all the cool window, mirror and reflective shots we got. naturally, we used a little "reflection" theme for this trailer. we hope you enjoy watching it over and over to see every little detail.
venues & vendors
asst. cinematographers | adrian & nichole villanueva
photographer | chaz cruz
ceremony & reception | hotel palomar, san diego
coordination | urban shindigs
hair | gercy galang
makeup | valerie vonprisk
floral | luxe botanique
dj & emcee | suit & tie group

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

norman & monica | "all i need" wedding trailer

ended our wedding year on a high. with such a good-looking fun couple, beautiful design and venues, and a dream team of vendors, this wedding came together like no other.  norman & monica were soaking it all in and that was what made the day special. from ceremony to the reception, the backdrops were elegant and gorgeous. we've been loving the idea of using this song for a wedding and, for some reason, method man and mary j blige just worked for this couple and fit the images from their day perfectly. so enjoy this awesome trailer for now. until next year!

venues & vendors
asst. cinematographers | adrian & nichole villanueva
asst. cinematographer & drone | rich mino
photographer | chaz cruz
coordination | diana teopaco
design | bellz & whistlez
ceremony | mission basilica san diego de alcala
reception | estancia, la jolla
makeup | valerie vonprisk
dj & emcee | dj flexander & jonathan basa

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Monday, October 19, 2015

sumner & rochelle | fallbrook wedding

we recently had the opportunity to photograph rochelle & sumner's wedding in beautiful fallbrook.  the morning was filled with a good sense of calm and a lot of excitement.  the venue showcased what fallbrook was all about and the reception details fit the jetsetting couple perfectly.  they're a sweet and real couple that made this wedding so fun to photograph.
venues & vendors 
ceremony & reception | wedgewood, fallbrook

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Monday, August 31, 2015

jan & terri | "modern throwback" wedding trailer

jan & terri's wedding in one word: intricate.  staying in line with the "gatsby" theme of their entourage video their wedding felt nostalgic. with the couple's modern style applied, the day was surreal. we edited the first part going through their day slow and steady to highlight the emotional moments.  we then double back to a fast pace run through of the fun-filled day using a modern remix on an older song. so without further ado, here is, "modern throwback."

venues & vendors
asst. cinematographers | adrian & nichole villanueva
coordination | lavish weddings
hair | flo pachogghair art
makeup | make up by kristine
floral | mfg floral
dj & emcee | suit & tie group

Thursday, August 13, 2015

mark & robyn | "candid" wedding trailer

there were so many cool, candid moments throughout mark & robyn's day. once we walked in the room we could tell they were going to be such a fun couple to film. naturally, we went with more of a traditional movie trailer format cutting back and forth between those candid moments and the super cinematic clips. music starts off with a favorite composer of ours to, coincidentally, a song we were already set on using and one the groom used in the awesome montage he made for his wedding. it seemed to fit the mood of the day perfectly.
venues & vendors
coordination | aly schengel, moniker group
dj & emcee | dj speshuled
makeup | makeup by vanny
catering | curiocity catering

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