Wednesday, June 1, 2016

elliott & jenn | "all of me" wedding trailer

sometimes before a ceremony, when there's downtime during the day and if the couple feels comfortable enough, we like to try to get the bride or groom to say something about the day; how they feel right at the moment before they walk the aisle.  many times it is the most raw, emotional words of the entire day.  and we loved what both elliott and jenn had to say about family and loving the entire being, the good and the bad...something we believe in wholeheartedly in marriage.  with that, we chose this fitting song to showcase such a beautiful day, and beautiful wedding at the modern new children's museum made even more gorgeous by the talented bellz & whistlez team.
venues & vendors
asst. cameraman | adrian & nichole villanueva
photographer | chaz cruz / kim marcelo
coordination | bellz & whistlez
dj & emcee | the love rockers, dj tanner
ceremony | corpus christi catholic church, bonita ca
reception | new children's museum, san diego

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