Friday, August 12, 2011

Virgil & Penny | Entourage & Love Story

We're excited to introduce the next two videos we've been working on for Penny & Virgil's wedding which we filmed yesterday, 8/13. These videos were to help get their guests a little bit more acquainted with the couple through their bridal party as well as to hear their story from the bride and groom themselves. Many thanks to Blake with Pro-Motion Entertainment for the assistance in playing these videos during their reception.

First up is their entourage/concept video. We were going for an urban look shooting in Little Italy, San Diego and used a bit of effects to bring attention to the words describing Penny & Virgil. It was an awesome group to work with and they were so cool in working with our idea:

Penny & Virgil were looking for a Love Story/Engagement type of deal but wanted it to be a bit different. So we tied in the effects and words theme to their story as well as went for a whole different look with the interviews bringing a cinematic effect. Enjoy and stay tuned for their trailer in a couple of weeks:

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