Sunday, August 28, 2011

Penny & Virgil | Wedding Trailer

Continuing with the theme from Virgil & Penny's Love Story and Entourage video, we decided to keep the continuity by incorporating text and special effects into their trailer. We also followed the lead of the song using the "this is..." phrase throughout the video. So be on the lookout for those.

Virgil & Penny's wedding was a long time coming and it was a pleasure to take part in it. More importantly, we know we get to continue the friendship we've built over the last few months with them.

We hope you like it!

*Shout to Victoria with Theory Weddings & Events and Narrative Images, a great team to run the day smoothly! And again to Blake from Pro Motion Entertainment for assisting us with playing their Love Story & Entourage video.

Getting Ready: Hilton Gaslamp
Ceremony & Reception: Steele Canyon Golf Course

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sagon Family

We've known Fred Sagon like...forever. And anyone who knows him can't forget him. He's a talented and genuine guy you come across so seldom in life. We're glad to be able to call Fred a friend; one of our closest at that. We've documented his weight loss, which he continues to do well at. Now we've had the privilege to photograph him and is family before he leaves, indefinitely, for D.C.

We'll miss him but, at the same time, know we'll always be close. Photographing Fred and his family is just another moment we've been fortunate enough to share with him.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Virgil & Penny | Entourage & Love Story

We're excited to introduce the next two videos we've been working on for Penny & Virgil's wedding which we filmed yesterday, 8/13. These videos were to help get their guests a little bit more acquainted with the couple through their bridal party as well as to hear their story from the bride and groom themselves. Many thanks to Blake with Pro-Motion Entertainment for the assistance in playing these videos during their reception.

First up is their entourage/concept video. We were going for an urban look shooting in Little Italy, San Diego and used a bit of effects to bring attention to the words describing Penny & Virgil. It was an awesome group to work with and they were so cool in working with our idea:

Penny & Virgil were looking for a Love Story/Engagement type of deal but wanted it to be a bit different. So we tied in the effects and words theme to their story as well as went for a whole different look with the interviews bringing a cinematic effect. Enjoy and stay tuned for their trailer in a couple of weeks: