Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jonathan & Jaclyn - Trailer

The intro of this video pretty much sums up this couple: light-hearted & loving. You just get a sense that Jonathan and Jaclyn's life will be filled with laughter as husband and wife. We're glad to have had the opportunity to capture their day as well as all the memorable times that came along with it. You know that a wedding is going to be awesome when their cake-toppers are their Xbox Live Avatars!

R&R along with our incredible associates and teammates, Nichole & Adrian Villanueva, are proud to present Jonathan & Jaclyn's trailer:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Diane & Jonathan Engagement - Las Vegas

Two days in Vegas, two excited photographers and two awesome people in love. Diane and Jon showed us a different side of Vegas we haven't really experienced. They have a special connection with the city and they shared that with us during their engagement shoot.

We'll let the pictures say the rest...

We enjoyed getting to know Diane and Jonathan and learning about their story. Most of all, it's great to find another couple who is as passionate about food as we are (if not more)!

Diane/Jonathan: We look forward to joining you in one of your "throwdowns!" Thank you for putting your trust in us to photograph you in one of the most special places in your lives. Enjoy planning for the rest of your wedding and the rest of your lives!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Seattle 2010

Seattle is to us: friends, ennienseon, seafood, funny & interesting, sick, foolish, chargers, birthdays, the one, quality time, above & beyond, fancy, enniencion, hills for days...

Maybe the video will help you understand:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grace & Myhkro's Wedding Ceremony - Trailer

Shortly after our first filming session for Grace & Myhkro's entourage video, they approached us with the opportunity to film their wedding ceremony. We were flattered and, obviously, could not pass up the opportunity to take part in what was sure to be one of the biggest days of this couple's life.

Witnessing the ceremony, especially the "behind the curtains" angle that a normal wedding guest would not see, is something special and intimate. We had hoped to portray some of those moments of anxiousness, excitement and love in Grace & Myhkro's highlights trailer.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mendoza Entourage Video - "Fashion Show"

Grace & Myhkro approached us after seeing Mel & Aries's Intro video that was featured on BB Studio's website (who did our awesome wedding invitations).

We have to say some really cool ideas were thrown around, but at the last moment there seemed to be a theme that fit this charismatic group perfectly - FASHION SHOW. So, in a very short time, we converted our modest home studio in a catwalk.

We definitely think that our R&R styled intro videos are a refreshing and exciting way to introduce your bridal party. It definitely gets the crowd into it (as you can hopefully imagine in this video).

With no further ado, we introduce the newlyweds: Grace & Myhkro Mendoza (married within just hours of us writing this post!)

Congratulations you two! We wish you the best in life!