Thursday, August 12, 2010

Keighsy & Keith - Engagement

Before this shoot, our good friend, Mel, reminded us of how much of a privilege it is to do photography and videography. How we get to really experience San Diego, enjoy meeting new people and, most importantly, spend time with each other doing something we really love. Not that we ever forgot that, but meeting a couple like Keighsy & Keith, from Kansas City, reinforces that. We believe that, in order to achieve the best shots, we believe you really have to make a connection with your subject. And that's what makes this line of work really special.

This is the type of couple that is totally chill, totally easy to get along with, and totally in love. Too bad they don't live in San Diego. They came down to SD for a family wedding and decided they wanted something different for their own engagement pictures considering most of their friends' backdrops are in Kansas City. Luckily, they chose us and we hope you all enjoy their set!!

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  1. I must tell ya: I got goosebumps while I was lookin' at these!! Ren & Rob: you two did an awesome job! These pictures are amazing! Jon and I are so happy for Keighsy and Keith!