Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Lemleys - Family

We actually had a photo shoot scheduled with the Lemleys a while back but the weather didn’t cooperate. This time, the day couldn’t have been more beautiful. The Lemleys are such a fun, energetic family who love the outdoors. You could say that this shoot was done in a suitable setting for them.

Brooke and Kaelyn were so sweet. Any time we told them to hug or kiss their parents, they were more than willing.

Lemleys, it was a blast photographing you. From your friends, "Ren Ren" and "Robbie."


  1. Awesome pictures, Ren & Rob! Such a beautiful family (and city)... and you captured them wonderfully! :D

  2. Thanks Diane. That's exactly why we love doing this. We're looking forward to yours as well.